Construction of Seaport Facilities Near the Town of Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula, including construction of navigable approach channel in the Gulf of Ob

The arctic Port of Sabetta is built near a town with the same name on the west bank of the Gulf of Ob in the Yamal area of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the Tyumen Region. The Port of Sabetta forms a part of the Yamal LNG project, which involves the start-up of a LNG plant at the South-Tambeyskoye field. The new port on the Yamal Peninsula will ensure year-round navigation and passage of LNG carriers along the Northern Sea Route.

The construction of the port started in 2012 and is scheduled for completion in 2017.

As part of the Sabetta Port facilities construction project, the following facilities are constructed:

  • 6 km long, 495 m wide and 15.1 m deep approach channel
  • 49 km long, 295 m wide and 15.1 m deep sea channel
  • 15.2 m deep water area of the port

The overall scope of the dredging operations is 70 million cubic meters.

Navigation equipment will be installed in the port and the following coast infrastructure facilities will be constructed:

  • monitoring and correction station
  • hyrometeorological station
  • administrative buildings, technical and warehousing facilities

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